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Graduate Engineer Development Program
Our Graduate Engineer Development Program is an integral part of Kharafi National’s capability development strategy. Its goal is to ensure that we attract and retain the best graduates and provide them with career path planning and opportunities for growth and development through planned training strategies implemented with the assistance, support and coordination of human resources professionals. Key features of the program include:

Targeting universities to attract quality graduate engineers who fit the Kharafi National graduate profile and are result-oriented. Graduates should demonstrate initiative, effective communication skills and a commitment to achieving company goals through technical excellence.
  Offering excellent training and development opportunities providing promising career prospects.
A beneficial Support Mentor Program, to assist graduates with career advice and counseling. This provides the opportunity for graduates to understand the company’s culture, assist them in settling into their new surroundings and develop them for their professional careers.
  Kharafi National employs fresh graduates from a number of engineering disciplines primarily from civil, mechanical, instrument and electrical areas.
      Graduates who have a strong work ethic, are diligent and committed and bring a strong technical base as demonstrated by their academic record will find an excellent career path in Kharafi National.
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Graduate Engineer Development Program
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